How do you MiniTHON?

People dancing all night might sound crazy to some people, but if you are familiar with Penn State THON it might not sound so crazy. THON- A 46 hour dance marathon put on by IFC/Panhellenic members at Penn State University- has made its way to IHS and we are so excited to be a small part of their event.

After being approached by a few members of IHS Leadership Seminar who were out in town looking for support for their upcoming event, we couldn’t help but get involved! This year we were able to provide affordable shirts for MiniTHON to help the students raise even more money for such a great cause! 17200915_1255954801167045_9190966056664140042_n

We reached out to Leadership Seminar Member Logan Tshudy who helped chair the IHS MiniTHON event this year to get more information about what THON and MiniTHON is.  Read on to find out what Logan had to say- 

Q: What is THON and how are IHS students getting involved?

In 1973, the Penn State IFC/Panhellenic Dance Marathon, known as THON, began its associate with the Millard Family and The Four Diamonds Fund. The Millards created this charity in honor of their son, Christopher, who died of cancer at the age of 14. Since then, THON has raised well over $100M and has helped to create the Hershey Medical Center. Their goal has always been two-fold: to fund cancer research, particularly pediatric cancer, and to provide financial assistance, including experimental treatments, to families so that they can focus on their sick child.
The IHS MiniTHON was established 9 years ago to support THON. This year’s THON theme “Let Hope Shine”. Each year, we choose a theme, colors and a design that reflects the hope and spirit of the event. Students sign up and are put into teams prior to the event. That night, it is all about having fun with your team, eating tons of great, hometown food, competing for door prizes, and flashing our diamonds for the kids while we dance, laugh, and play. Each year, we have a speaker for our MiniTHON. This year, Dustin Beaver, a cancer survivor and Four Diamonds kid will be joining us. The best part of the night is remembering why we are there: to stand up against cancer.
At the end of the night, we do a big reveal of the total. For us, that is a moment where we are both  grateful for the support of our family, friends, and community, and also proud that we stood up for those who can’t – at least not yet.

Q: How are IHS Leadership Members raising money for THON this year?

We fundraise in many ways. First, we reach out to the community for support. It is humbling the amount of support that the Indiana Community has given, and continues to give. Whether it is monetary donations, food to feed the students for 6 hours, or assistance with necessary items, such as the shirts that are so important to our MiniTHON identity, there are so many businesses and organizations that are extremely generous. Second, we reach out to our friends and family. Also, each student who signs up for MiniTHON gets a plastic cup that they are asked to fill with change and return to us. Many students refill and donate multiple times. You would be surprised how quickly that change adds up for us.
We also hold an annual 5K race that helps to raise money. Our senior high faculty holds a dress down day to help us as well. This year, we sold luminaries to place on the track. This year, we are holding our first Warrior Lap, in honor of those who are fighting cancer, those who have beaten it, and those who are no longer here.
Another event that we created this year was a connection with the second graders at Ben Franklin Elementary. Our MiniTHON team visited them on two occasions to teach them about Christopher’s story and why it is important to find ways to help and serve your community. Also, we wanted them to see that they could have fun while they worked hard for others. They wrote letters of encouragement to give to the dancers at MiniTHON and they found ways to support the cause. It was a great experience for both groups.


This year IHS MiniTHON will take place Friday March 24th starting at 6pm and the students will dance for 6 hours straight! If you or anyone you know is interested in helping the students at IHS with MiniTHON please feel free to reach out and we can get you in contact with them!  Check out their Facebook Event HERE to keep up to date!


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