Invest, invest, invest!

“Why can’t we just rent this instead?”

You’ve got the date, the corsage, and the perfect car to escort her to your first homecoming dance. You go to pick her up, she’s wearing a beautiful rose cocktail dress… and you’re in an ill-fitted suit  that is hanging off of your body like a potato sack. Wish you would have bought that suit after all, right?


I wish I could tell you that this story was fake, but a client of ours was telling us their experience of their first homecoming dance from almost 20 years ago. Granted, tuxedo rentals have come a very long way since then, every once in a while we still see the old potato sack looking tuxedo rear its ugly head.

With the return of the college students who are starting to interview, and the homecoming dances at the local high school- suit and tuxedo purchases are a large topic of discussion heard throughout the store. We have ‘tailored’ our answer to this question to fit the needs of our customers, but overall our answer will always be that you will get a better use out of buying a suit over renting.

To give a brief overview of the difference between renting and purchasing, ultimately the differences come down to fit, fabric and price. We will stick to talking just about suits in this post, keep posted for our post about renting tuxedos.


You will never look better than you do in a suit that has been tailored to your body type. One size fits all does not work for suits, between traditional, modern, and slim fits you want to make sure you are finding a jacket and pant that works for you. With the influx of European influence into American fashion, everything slim fit is becoming main stream, however this type of cut is not suited for every body type. Please, we’re begging, talk to your consultant and take their advice-let them find the perfect jacket for you, but do not be afraid to ask questions if something does not look or feel right. Ultimately, you are the one wearing the garment, so if you are not comfortable with the what you’re wearing- speak up! Our friends put together an easy-to-follow info-graphic about how your suit should be fitting.



There is an innate difference in the quality of fabric you will get between renting and buying. When you opt to rent your attire, you are less likely to have a say in the type of material, but when you are buying, you get an entire new set of options in fabric and print. Purchasing your suit means more options!


One of the biggest deterrents people will having in choosing between renting and buying is price. Just like anything, price will vary depending on what you are looking for. Every store will have a different pricing, if you are curious about how 700 Shop handles our suit purchasing, head on over here and take a look.  A basic look at buying a suit over renting a suit comes down to the company. Each rental company sets a base price list for their rentals which are non-negotiable prices for most retailers.

suit-portrait-preparation-weddingThe price for a rental for a will include a jacket, pant, shirt, tie, and vest. The price varies depending on the fabric and cut, but in these instances you are more limited to your choices of color, fabric, and fit. While at the time of purchase it may seem like a good choice to spend less on a rental, in the long run spending just a few more dollars for a suit that you purchase can really make the difference.

There are always exceptions to the rule- such as a black tie affair. You would be under dressed at a black tie affair in just a suit and tie. In these cases the attire calls for a traditional tuxedo. But for the young gentlemen looking to get a suit for an interview or homecoming- the best thing to do is purchase a suit fitted to your needs and have the ability to utilize the suit well after the event that was intended for its purchase.

Purchase the best, rent the rest.





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